1. pink skies at Toronto harbourfront.

  2. sunset on the beach.

  3. three crows.

  4. goodbye Kauai.

  5. smoked chicken risotto with wild mushrooms and spinach, Marcel’s Bistro.

  6. Saint Joseph’s fence and view.

  7. suspension bridge, Collingwood

  8. strawberry mousse + shortbread biscuit, Marcel’s Bistro.

  9. ginormous.

  10. drive safe.

  11. so delicate.

  12. walk with care | slopes & steps.

    someone took great care in chipping away at the black paint on certain letters, which resulted in my friends and I staring at this for far too long trying to decipher a non-existent secret code.

  13. mini military figurines.

  14. spots of colour inside a crater, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

  15. small and blue.