1. foggy road ahead.

  2. zipliners, Collingwood.

    definitely a highlight of the scenic caves tour. so much fun!

  3. wildflowers.

  4. Montreal Museum of Fine Art.

  5. the largest banyan tree that ever did live, Road to Hana.

    or so it felt like standing in front of this monster.

  6. a storm of colours, Mary Lake.

  7. view from Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst.

  8. sunday at home.

    puffins, epic hail thunderstorms, and this song on repeat.

  9. munch, munch, munch.

  10. pink skies at Toronto harbourfront.

  11. sunset on the beach.

  12. three crows.

  13. goodbye Kauai.

  14. smoked chicken risotto with wild mushrooms and spinach, Marcel’s Bistro.

  15. Saint Joseph’s fence and view.