1. peanut butter and chocolate swirl bread.

    I love swirly bread! click above for recipe.

  2. ocean playground (featuring the most fantastic fish lips I have ever seen).

  3. morning walk along Ali’i Drive, Kona.

  4. bamboo forest on Pipiwai Trail, Maui.

    happy earth day!


  5. Khalil Fong / Xiao Fang

    I only clicked play because the title reminded me of this song, and whaddya know, it’s one and the same. this was apparently my favourite karaoke song as a 3 year old. and when I say favourite, I mean the only song I knew how to sing.

    (Source: asiancapsule, via kingfanfan)

  6. dried roses.

  7. more of the delicious lamb.

  8. Spouting Horn blowhole, Kauai.

  9. happy easter! mini ‘nest’ cakes :)

  10. lamb rack + cilantro.

  11. lionfish.

  12. dried tofu tower.

  13. driving down Haleakala volcano.

  14. banyan tree roots.

  15. what are the roses for.

    this is what I was singing taking these pictures.