1. King’s Village, Waikiki.

  2. balcony on the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Toronto.

  4. ceiling patterns.

  5. Ward’s Island Club House.

  6. Tribune Tower, Chicago.

  7. kind of reminds me of an iceberg…

  8. King Street Financial District, Toronto.

  9. Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa.

    cloverhearts: yeah, there was free admission for some event going on that day and tours of the inside :)

  10. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Toronto.

  12. Toronto Carpet Factory.

  13. cjwho:

    Building Collapsed In Shanghai

    At around 5:30am on June 27 2009, an unoccupied building still under construction at Lianhuanan Road in the Minxing district of Shanghai city toppled over. One worker was killed. According to information, a 70 meter section of the flood prevention wall in nearby Dianpu River and that may have something to do with this building collapse.

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    my grandparents live just on the other side of the river (you can kinda see in the first photo) and I remember taking a stroll along the river in 2010 and my grandma telling me about how the building just fell over on its side, window panes and everything in tact! never thought I’d see pictures of the exact event 3 years later on tumblr.

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  14. deathandcatses:


    Schusev State Museum of Architecture

    If only… I would be lost forever… 

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  15. the-absolute-best-posts:


    Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction.

    obsessed with this post.

    so cool. I think the CN Tower deserves to be in this post too:


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