1. terminating vista.

    if you look carefully, you can see the clock tower of old city hall.

  2. red door, peeling paint, and doorknocker, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.

  3. Fairmont Royal York.

  4. distorted cathedral, reflected from a car window.

  5. mansion along the Bruce Trail, Hamilton.

    it’s not labelled on google maps so I can only assume this is a mansion of epic proportions resting on a plot of land of equally epic proportions.

  7. Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, Hamilton.

  8. Village of Yorkville Park, Toronto.

  9. Vineland Estates Winery grounds, Niagara.

  10. a glimpse outside.

  11. Chalet du Mont Royal.

  12. The Royal Conservatory of Music.

  13. golden hour, Montreal.

  14. Montreal.

    not sure what building this is but it’s got a sick silhouette.

  15. The Crystal.