1. mansion along the Bruce Trail, Hamilton.

    it’s not labelled on google maps so I can only assume this is a mansion of epic proportions resting on a plot of land of equally epic proportions.

  3. Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, Hamilton.

  4. Village of Yorkville Park, Toronto.

  5. Vineland Estates Winery grounds, Niagara.

  6. a glimpse outside.

  7. Chalet du Mont Royal.

  8. The Royal Conservatory of Music.

  9. golden hour, Montreal.

  10. Montreal.

    not sure what building this is but it’s got a sick silhouette.

  11. The Crystal.

  12. New York Life Insurance Building clock tower, Montreal.

  13. a sunday well spent at the ROM with friends.

  14. Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

  15. Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal.