1. pitting the cherries by hand to make jam! I forgot to take pictures of the finished jam :( or rather, I took one in a hurry and it turned out terrible.

  2. cherries everywhere!

    I may have gone a little photo-happy with the cherries when I was supposed to be picking them…

  3. backyard cherry picking.

  4. pair of cherries.

  5. backyard cherries.

    they’re pretty yucky to eat on their own so chef mum made cherry jam and it tasted much better! :D

  6. cherries cherries cherries cherries.

  8. this is the sourest cherry tree we have, only suitable for jam-making and even then, the cherries are smaller than average so it’s a lot of work to pit them. :( even the birds stay away from this tree. they also bloom later than the other trees. this year, we had some retardedly cold weather, and I’m not sure if these will bloom at all. hopefully they do and I can go back and take photos :)

  9. we have 3 cherry trees in our backyard, and each one bears different tasting cherries, on a scale of inedibly sour to almost-supermarket-quality. their flowers also bloom at different times and look different, one more pink, the other more yellow.

  10. more fresh fruit - cherries! except these were really flavour-less and bad, most probably cause “fresh” fruit here only exists as imports.