1. Toronto from Centre Island.

    is it summer yet?! can I go on a daytrip to the island yet?!

  3. Toronto from the evergreen brickworks.

    I imagine this view would be even more amazing now with all the fall colours!

  4. looks like a textbook example for drawing in perspective: vanishing points and horizon lines!

  5. the end of a long summer day.

  6. Toronto from Centre Island.

  7. enjoying a beautiful day on the Island.

  8. the-absolute-best-posts:


    Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction.

    obsessed with this post.

    so cool. I think the CN Tower deserves to be in this post too:


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  9. Canada Life Building, views from University Avenue and the 17th floor.

    once one of the tallest buildings in Toronto. it still has a really nice view despite being much shorter than all the new skyscrapers.

  10. peekaboo, I see you!

  11. CN Tower from the Distillery District.

    I miss Toronto. and summer weather. this nasty slush is not cutting it D:

  14. why in the world is there a minimum 3 paragraph per page rule for my stupid essay? THIS IS SO RETARDED. RAAAAAAAAGE. FLIPPING TABLE MOOD AGAIN.

    using pretty Toronto photo as motivation because that’s not a fair rule and I hate this paper and I just want it to be done so I can relax for the long weekeeeeend!

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  15. no shame.