1. peony.

  2. stand tall.

  3. deer_sehunnie | do not edit.

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  4. because Alaskan sunsets are better than Hawaiian ones.

  5. Emergency Couple BTS - "Please give our drama lots of love!" (x)

    awsdf;lkwj they are the cutest! *v* I love them together already and the drama hasn’t even started.

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  6. thewindtalker:

    This scene was improvised, so ludacris’ reaction is genuine and dwayne didn’t have a line after tyrese said his. 

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    Skylar Grey | Coming Home (Part II)

  9. white dragon roll, Edo Sushi.

  10. Running Man 162 cut.

    this is actually THE greatest thing I have ever watched.

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    KE ZHEN DONG promo pictures from TINY TIMES. (6 Aug 2013)

  12. a year ago today in one of my favourite cities in the world.

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    Schusev State Museum of Architecture

    If only… I would be lost forever… 

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  14. Nathan Phillips Square and Old City Hall from the Canada Life Building.

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    Logical yam. #yam #logic #iamwhatiam #vegetable #friendlyfoods #talkingfood

    this blog is my new favourite thing.