1. starz-and-hopex:

    Bored kids, dammit go back to school!

    sometimes I stalk my friends’ blogs and find old pictures that I’ve never seen before. then I reblog them so I can complain about how long it’ll take to grow my hair out again. and to compliment above friend on a well-taken photo :)

  2. hair donation, 2012.

    I realized I never posted these photos here. it’s been about 6 months now (my hair is STILL too short for my liking) but I finally got around to actually mailing out the hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths who will turn the hair into a wig for cancer patients :)

    I’m never cutting it this short again. that’s me crying over my hair in the bottom right.

  4. fuckyeah-kdramas:

    Fabulous Boys [x]

    aaah, this looks so cute! also looks very true to the original. the second female lead is so pretty… I like her hair! can’t wait til my hair grows out D:

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  5. asianfashionandphotograph:

    Han Hyo Joo for Elle Magazine January 2013 p.5

    source : couchkimchi

    aaaahh the red hair and black eyebrows, they burn my eyes!

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  6. is this a drawing? O______O whaaaaaaaaaat.

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  7. benefits to long hair: EPIC HAIR WHIRLS.

    best to get out of the way.

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  10. kpop’s best-looking blonde.

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  11. another my-life-in-phone-photos update, hehe.

    #1. Toronto skyline from the greyhound. didn’t wake up fast enough to pull out my camera HAHA.

    #2. adorable houses on our design model. I honestly think these design models are just for show and we’re forced to spend too much time building them when we don’t learn that much from it. D:

    #3. been finding time to braid my hair more. :) still having an internal struggle over that haircut but for now pretty braids > a bajillion split ends.

    #4. dark skies…

    #5. first time I got stuck waiting for a train to pass WHILE ON FOOT. >___>

    #6. free flowers!

    #7. inspiration for photo displays, taken from some hotel lobby.

    #8. not-so-great-tasting, colourful nachos.

    #9. another Viva station almost completed!

  12. Rolling in the deep ~

    her hair makes her look like Park Bom. and I don’t think she has the voice to cover this song. :|

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    this was my go-to-hairdo when I was like THREE.

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  14. nlam:

    @minthappiness THIS ONE?

    HEHEHEHEHE YES. :D but I like his hair down/covering his forehead. makes him look less like an angry bird.

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  15. hehe, I was so proud of this updo I wanted to document it xDD this is after an entire day of walking, being blown around by the wind, and even some jogging! and it still didn’t fall apart! I wish I knew what I did that made it hold so well so I could do it again… >____> I used two of these things. the pearl/flower is just for decoration, doesn’t hold any hair. this hairstyle is usually hit and miss with me, sometimes lasting all day, sometimes lasting 2 minutes. please excuse all the flyaway hairs ^^;