1. iu-loveattack:

    IU - Mia
    as requested by: cassiesfohlife

    best IU song EVER. ♥

  2. iu-loveattack:


    Someday by IU & Wooyoung at Dream High Special Concert

    i die.


  3. so I think this came out ages ago, but I’m just watching it now and it is SO CUTE. I LOVE IU. ♥ I love her pretend-epic-singing/screeching in the guy’s ear. xDD

  4. onedayislove:

    IU’s Good Day performance on Inkigayo (feat. Jo Kwon).

    HAHAHA WHAT IS JOKWON DOING THERE. and yay for a nice outfit (finally)!


  5. end of year kpop spam.

    I finally had time to watch the korean end of year shows that have 293874283004 people and performances. I… did not expect it to take so long to watch them all. xDD compared to what I remember of last year’s (2009), it wasn’t very good…. but whatever, it was still a nice waste of time. loooooong post below! :D

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  6. I loooove IU’s new album, and IU in general. ♥