1. earth rosedale, summerlicious 2013.

    that last photo is what they call “tomato salad”. the most un-salad-like dish I have ever seen, I like my salads to be mixable!

  2. Absinthe.

    came here for dinner a few weeks ago after reading lots of good reviews. I had the Benevolent Burger, which came with salad and pork poutine! there’s a waiter that goes around telling everyone who orders the burger that the salad is just there to help your conscience and the real stuff is the burger and poutine so you should eat those first haha. worthy advice, seeing as their salad is really bland, but the other stuff is soooooooo good! <3

  3. grilled salmon with salad (and flowers!).

  5. late lunch.

  6. Fuzion Resto-Lounge & Garden

    the only dish I liked was the sorbet/ice cream so it gets to be a large picture. :D

    they get bonus points for cute bowls. though maybe not that many bonus points cause I feel like the food will fall out of the bowl if you’re not careful.

    the Haiwaiian chicken sandwich or whatever it was super dry and the fries were kinda cold and soggy. D: salad was okay.

  9. spinach + fish paste things + korean glass noodle = asian-fied salad. SO GOOD.

  10. my lunch from the patio day! I’d tell you what it was but I forgot… I think it was a chicken buffalo burger….

    also, my work friends laughed at me when I whipped out my camera to take pictures of … pretty much everything, including my food. :( guess they don’t appreciate my love of food photography.

  11. lunch pictures. :]