1. does her sweater say “I Never Finish Anyth”? because THAT’S BRILLIANT. where do I get one!?

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  2. benefits to long hair: EPIC HAIR WHIRLS.

    best to get out of the way.

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  4. Rolling in the deep ~

    her hair makes her look like Park Bom. and I don’t think she has the voice to cover this song. :|

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  5. WHOA.

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  6. usually not a huge fan but she looks really pretty here. :)

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  7. I want Taeyeon’s haaaaaaaair. <3333333

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  8. wow, Yoona has gigantic hands. xDD

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  10. been looping SNSD’s debut song Into The New World for about 5 days now. I love this song, probably ties with Run Devil Run as my favourite SNSD song. I remember when they first performed it; it’s safe to say they have improved tons. xDD kpop was so much better 3-4 years ago. :(

  11. NOT a flattering picture HAHA but LOOKIT THE SHOES! WANT! ♥

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  12. end of year kpop spam.

    I finally had time to watch the korean end of year shows that have 293874283004 people and performances. I… did not expect it to take so long to watch them all. xDD compared to what I remember of last year’s (2009), it wasn’t very good…. but whatever, it was still a nice waste of time. loooooong post below! :D

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  14. holy crap, this is such a bad song to have stuck in your head during class. xDD