1. Davisville Station.

  2. I think this photo is Toronto summed up in one picture: skyscrapers (TD tower!), the TTC, and most importantly, neverending construction.

  3. Wychward Barns.

    the old site of the service centres for TTC steetcars back in the early 1900s. very cool.

  4. new subways. you can now walk from the first car to the last if you’d like.

  5. wow Union Station, you look pretty crappy for a fairly important subway station.

  6. whoops, blurry photo of the new ttc subways.

  7. going back underground.

  9. this photo makes walking all the way to the last subway car and having people stare at you while you take random pictures totally worth it. <3

  10. shame the window was so dirty. D:

  11. I finally have a satisfactory picture of a subway pulling in! mwhahahaa. >:D pretty sure the driver gave me a dirty stare though.

  12. a rare sight: a totally empty subway car. :)